Fresh Brown Eggs

We do supply now in bulk,Small Size,45g-50g Price R230 Carton
Medium Size,50g-55g Price R250 Carto
Large Size,55g-60g Price R320 Carton 
X-Large Size 65g R350 Carton
Jumbo Size 70g  R400 Carton
15 Dozen Medium (55g) 180 eggs R220
15 Dozen Medium (60g) 180 eggs R250
30 eggs in one tray,12 trays in one carton making  360 eggs per a box

White Eggs

We do supply now in bulk, Small Small Size,45g-50g Price R240 Carton
Medium Size,50g-55g Price R260 Carto
Large Size,55g-60g Price R330 Carton 
X-Large Size 65g R360 Carton
Jumbo Size 70g  R410 Carton
15 Dozen Medium (55g) 180 eggs R230
15 Dozen Medium (60g) 180 eggs R260

Fertile Eggs

Our hatching eggs for sale are of the highest quality! The quality of the hatching eggs is excellent & We package the eggs with the utmost care.  If you want more eggs then we sell in multiples of 360 In other words we can sell 720, 1080, 1440, 1800,2160, 2520 etc.
R2.50 per fertile egg 

R900.00 per box of 360
Packaging: R50.00

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We are exporters of livestock from South Africa and have exported Ostriches, Boer Goats, Sheep, Cattle, Eggs and Animal Feeds to different countries like United Arab Emirates , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Arab State of Kuwait, Arab Republic of Egypt, Republic of Turkey, Republic of Senegal, People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Islamic Rebublic of Pakistan, State of Japan, Malaysia, Kingdom of Thailand, Republic of the Philippines, Republic of Mozambique, Ukraine, Republic of Slovenia, Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Somalia and much more.

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