We currently offer  different laying hens to suit all preferences and our laying hens are generally available at 17-20 weeks old and also as day old chicks. All 17-20 week old pullets are fully vaccinated and salmonella free tested. Our birds are in high demand so please try to order early. The prices quoted are for 17 -20 week old birds in small quantities.  we are able to offer great discounted prices so please contact us on the contact form for a quote and availability.We use commercial type broilers, usually Arbour Acres or Ross. They grow quickly and produce really fine meat, especially when they are allowed to free range. They are fed a special antibiotic free diet.

Broiler Chickens

We supply healthy  Broilers chickens to the small, medium, including upcoming farmers. We supply both live and dressed. We supply eateries, restaurants and Chisa Nyama. We have healthy Broiler chickens available and ready.
6-8 week birds (2kg+) 
Cost per Chicken : R40.00


Lohmann Brown Chickens

They are generally considered the best option for backyard chicken egg production or free range egg production thanks to their excellent temperament.  They are very hardy chicken, excellent layers and friendly thus good to have around kids. The chicken’s temperament is docile and friendly. 
Cost per Chicks R6.00    

Cost per Pol Pullets R65.00

Shaver Brown Chickens

 They are are reliable egg machines and a very common breed in commercial free range egg production. They have great characters and can make great pets for children to look after.? We can advise you on the appropriate feed, housing and equipment for them for their age.

Cost per chicks R6.00
Cost per Pol Pullets R65.00

Ross & Cobb Chicks

Our chicks are vaccinated at day old against New Castle Disease and Infectious Bronchitis.
All our chicks have immediate access to feed and water after hatch to ensure that they are strong and hydrated before transport to their new owners.
Grade A Ross 308 :R5.50 each
Grade A Cobb 500: R5.50 each

Australorp Chickens

They are docile, dignified, calm, and sweet and they can be utilized for eggs laying and meat . They have a gentle and sweet disposition, they are a calm and quiet breed, not pushy. The Australorp is a delightful bird to have in your flockAustralorp chickens are very cold hardy, good foragers, lay 280 - 364 Large Brown eggs per year.

Cost per Pol Pullets R85.00    
Cockerel R45.00

Sussex  Chickens

 They are confident and friendly bird that is easy to handle. They love to forage and are very good at it, gathering much of their needs from the garden which makes them thrifty hens.People also ask They are a proficient egg laying chicken breed. They are said to lay 320 large brown eggs a year.

Cost per Pol Pullets R90.00    
Cockerel R40.00

Leghorn Chickens

The best egg-yayer. They're generally friendly, though they can be noisy and a bit aggressive at times. Leghorns are good layers of white eggs, laying an average of 280 per year and sometimes reaching 300–320. Better egg layer than brooder.
Cost per Pol Pullets R95.00    
Cockerel R40.00

Orpington Chickens

The Orpington chicken is a good all-purpose utility chicken, providing both eggs and meat. The Orpington is a friendly breed that also makes a good outdoor pet for families. As meat birds, they are ready for the table at 22 week.
Cost per Pol Pullets R95.00    
Cockerel R40.00

Wyandotte Chickens

  Wyandottes are an excellent dual-purpose bird, which can be raised to produce both eggs and meat. They are particularly well-suited for regions that have cold winters. The Wyandotte in general is a calm, docile and friendly bird. laying an average of 280-300. 
Cost per Pol Pullets R95.00    
Cockerel R40.00

Rhode Island Red Chickens

Rhode Island Reds are calm natured birds, that can be easily tamed.The Reds are friendly chickens with a good nature. They are good pets for children, but they can get aggressive when annoyed.They are capable of laying around 240 Brown eggs per year.
Cost per Pol Pullets R65.00    
Cockerel R35.00

Black Rock Chickens

This lovely hen is a friendly inquisitive and confident bird. Black rocks hens lay lots of large rich brown coloured eggs and are very easy to keep. Superb layers capable of producing 330 eggs per year an ideal first bird.
Cost per Pol Pullets R70.00    
Cockerel R35.00


Marans Chickens

Marans chickens are very friendly and are easy to look after. Neither the roosters nor the hens are aggressive. Hens are good layers and lay rich chocolate brown colored eggs. They are decent layers, producing 200-250 eggs per year on average.
Cost per Pol Pullets R70.00    
Cockerel R35.00

Legbar Chickens

Legbars are friendly, easily handled and quite sociable. However, they do have a wild side which is why they don't particularly care for confinement. They are excellent foragers, very watchful and predator savvy. They are known to lay between 180 - 200 eggs per year.
Cost per Pol Pullets R80.00    
Cockerel R40.00

Welsummer Chickens

Welsummer hens lay about 180 eggs per year, making these birds a good dual purpose breed for the small flock keeper. Welsummers are not very docile but they are intelligent and friendly. They are also quite active, and one of the best free range breeds available.
Cost per Pol Pullets R75.00    
Cockerel R35.00

Daisybelle's Chickens

Daisybelle’s are a lovely natured hen and are quiet a large bird compared to the majority of other hybrid birds. They are very easy to care for and are ideal for the beginner. They are capable of laying approximately 300 brown shelled eggs per year.
Cost per Pol Pullets R70.00    
Cockerel R35.00

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