Chickens Feed

Chicken Feed Price List
50kg bag of Mash Layer Feed R180.00
50kg bag of Stater Feed R190.00
50kg bag of Grower Feed R160.00
50 kg bag of Finisher Feed R160.00

50 kg Ostrich Starter Crumbs R215.00
50 kg Ostrich Starter Pellet R210.00
50 kg Ostrich Starter Mash R205.00
50 kg Ostrich Grower R230.00
50 kg Ostrich Finisher R240.00
50 kg Ostrich Maintainer R240.00
50 kg Ostrich Breeder R255.00

Ostrich Feed

Yellow Maize

Whole Maize Price
Whole Maize 5kg  R21.00
Whole Maize 10kg R 35.30
Whole Maize 25kg R 79.00
Whole Maize 40kg R 126.50
Coarse Salt 50Kg R60.35
Lime - Feed Grade 50Kg R 49.60

Chickens Feed

Corn Gluten Meal

Corn Gluten Meal 
R3000.00/Metric Ton
R150.00/50 Kgs pp bag
Packing: In 50 kgs

Chickens Feed

Sulphur Feed

Sulphur Feed Grade Price
Sulphur Feed Grade 1kg R 18.00
Sulphur Feed Grade 2kg R25.00
Sulphur Feed Grade 3kg R 30.00
Sulphur Feed Grade 5kg R 105.00
Sulphur Feed Grade 25kg R200.55

Wheat 10kg R95.80
Wheat 5kg R55.60
Whole Oats 50kg R344.00

Sunflower Seed

Sunflower Seed
Sunflower Seed 1kg R15.55
Sunflower Seed 5kg R60.00
Sunflower Seed 25kg R200.00

Soybean Meal 
R6090.00/Metric Ton
R305.00/50 Kgs pp bag

Soya Oil Cake 50 kg R307.50
Sorghum Red 50kg R319.00
Sunflower Oil Cake 50kg R 345.50


We supply alfalfa hay, timothy hay, Eragrotis hay and Teff hay for an affordable price.

Alfalfa hay R2000.00 per ton           
Timothy Hay R2500.00 per ton              Eragrotis hay R2000.00 per ton            Teff hay R2000.00 per ton  

Pig Feed

Pig Feed Price
Pig growing Mesh 50kg R 250.00
Sow & Boar meal 50kg R 210.00
Speenvrak meal 50kg R 275.00
Laktating Sow 50kg R 250.00
Pig Concernrtate 50kg R 265.00

Cattle Feed

Cattle Feed Price
Calf grower pellets 50kg R 215.00
Dairy pellets 20% 50kg R 210.00
Dairy Meal 19% 50kg R 180.00
Winter lek meal 50kg R 190.00
Kraal Feed 50kg R 220.00
Cattle Salt 50kg R60.00
Wild Meester Super 50kg R205.00
Fase D Bulgrower 50kg R150.00

Sheep Feed

Sheep Feed Price
Sheep finisher Mesh 50kg R 195.00
Lamb,Ram & Ewe 50kg R 185.00
Sheep winter lik 50kg R 185.00

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We are exporters of livestock from South Africa and have exported Ostriches, Boer Goats, Sheep, Cattle, Eggs and Animal Feeds to different countries like United Arab Emirates , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Arab State of Kuwait, Arab Republic of Egypt, Republic of Turkey, Republic of Senegal, People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Islamic Rebublic of Pakistan, State of Japan, Malaysia, Kingdom of Thailand, Republic of the Philippines, Republic of Mozambique, Ukraine, Republic of Slovenia, Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Somalia and much more.

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